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File: 1381347845730.png (90.56 KB, 1974x664, Testimony from John.png)

ID: e2eb7 No. 498 [Reply]

Testimony from a Tinyboard user who has asked to remain anonymous.
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File: 1411059474379.png (31.73 KB, 1064x489, dddd.png)

ID: 118ba No. 1693 [Reply]

So when im trying to change the stylesheet on my board everything shifts left like in the picture. It does this for every stylesheet ive tried. I'm changing the stylesheet through the url_stylesheet spot in the config. What am i doing wrong?

File: 1410040800764.png (8.33 KB, 296x200, 1409857792841.png)

ID: 49b9b No. 1627 [Reply]

How put [spoiler]Test[/spoiler]
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ID: 4f2c8 No.1632

what's your website?

ID: d538f No.1633

File: 1410194236670.gif (126.61 KB, 500x375, ryuuko_0027.gif)

i thought you were the same anon from >>1618

just be happy so

ID: 4f2c8 No.1634

I already knew how to do that, I just want to know what your site it.

ID: 4f2c8 No.1635

site is*

ID: b06c4 No.1692


Where exactly would one post this code?

File: 1410675798532.jpg (192.13 KB, 1600x900, newTiny.jpg)

ID: a987a No. 1663 [Reply]

I'm overhauling the stylesheet. Here's what I have so far.


If anyone wants to help or fork it, here's a github gist

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ID: 8ee05 No.1686

Is that a maybe?

ID: 8c1da No.1687

Your style makes me want to stab myself in the eyes. No fucking thank you.

ID: 8ee05 No.1688

Can I get some feedback? I'm new and trying to get better.

ID: 8c1da No.1689

It's WAY to round. It's okay to get edgy every once in a while. The color scheme isn't painful to look at, but it's definitely not pleasing. The borders are way too thick an fancy. What is it modeled after? You should be going for a specific design with it.

ID: 8ee05 No.1691

Thanks, that's actually very helpful. I'll work on it, and come back here when I have something less amateurish.

File: 1411005739672.png (8.92 KB, 300x120, logo.png)

ID: 983e1 No. 1690 [Reply]

So I tried using URL rewriting and because of the referer checking it breaks, for some reason I can't find where the accepted referers are stored. Please HALP.

File: 1410891399433.png (80.49 KB, 951x665, djangocode.png)

ID: 3422d No. 1683 [Reply]

I was snooping through the code and I noticed what appears to be django code, but django is not listed as a requirement. What's going on here?

ID: 2778a No.1685

It's twig.

File: 1410845187071.jpg (19.73 KB, 320x320, date stamp.jpg)

ID: 25b9f No. 1677 [Reply]

I know the directories are all 755 permissions, but what about the files. Do they all need to be 755 permission also? Or just certain files?

ID: 7bded No.1679

all file permissions should be 777.

ID: 25b9f No.1682

777, that's funny.So, I guess then the correct answer is 755.

ID: ffbb4 No.1684

Not everything should be the same. For the most part, you should leave the permissions alone. You really only need to change the ones it tells you to change.

File: 1410529625207.jpg (45.12 KB, 345x500, Half Bad - Sally Green.jpg)

ID: 70898 No. 1655 [Reply]

I want users to enter subjects for threads, now it's optional how to make it compulsory?

ID: 70898 No.1681


File: 1410821426039.jpg (99.53 KB, 560x422, Peterbilt-RC-Truck.jpg)

ID: bcc0e No. 1673 [Reply]

So I enabled video embedding. I imply changed it to 'true' in the inc/config.php. It did't look like anything else needed to be edited. Tried to embed a YT vid and all that shows is the link. No I am not a programmer….so I really don;t know where to go from here.

ID: 39957 No.1675

The youtube link is put in the post field labeled embed, not in the comment box. It confused me too for a moment.

ID: bcc0e No.1678

Shit….I didn't even notice that field! Thanks

File: 1410314549915.jpg (65.34 KB, 650x363, d1Z-thats-not-how-it-works….jpg)

ID: 32241 No. 1649 [Reply]

Is there a way as mod, that I can see most recent posts? Doesn't ahve to be live, just the last 10-20 posts?

ID: cda9d No.1653

Enable recent-post theme

ID: 4b784 No.1654


ID: 32241 No.1671

Installed the theme… But still not working.

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